The room has an area of 21,00 m2 and is fully furnished. To the room is a covered balcony.

The equipment consists of a solid natural wood bed 140x200 cm, bed frames, mattresses, bedding, carpet on hardwood floors, a cupboard near the bed, wardrobe, coffee table and two couches, a large desk with mobile pedestal and desk lamp, office chair with high back and two narrow sbookcases with shelves, a rack for radio and TV, a cordless phone, wall lamp, ceiling lamp with 6 bulbs (halogen or energy saving lamps), 1 chair (more are needed in the "furniture storeage" available), curtains, 2 outdoor blinds with belt winders, 1 window fixed, balcony doors, stone window sill, outlets for TV and radio, network connection box, Wi-Fi throughout the flat with excellent lighting, power outlets in sufficient numbers, walls with white wood-chip, white ceiling, white radiator below the window.

Individual room design is possible in agreement with the landlord.

Check the rental agreement for room 3. Click here.

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