The cost of electricity in each apartment will be charged separately.

They are primarily influenced by the behavior of the tenants.

As a particular consumer to be considered:

  • water heater for hot water supply;
  • Dishwasher,
  • washing machine in the basement (since June 2016 only by using a coin machine),
  • dryer in laundry room (since June 2016 only by using a coin machine),
  • stove,
  • Microwave,
  • Hot water heater,
  • Coffee/Espresso machine
  • Iron

The experience of recent years, the advance from € 37,00 was not longer enough. So we had to raise up to € 45.00 per room per month about the actual consumption and the one calculated by the Bad Honnef AG costs. After we got notice that friends of our tenants used our washing machines or dryer free but on costs for our tenants we installed coin machines. Now everybody has to pay now for washing and drying. Sorry for that.

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