The room has an area of 11.20 m2 and is fully furnished.

Facilities include a futon bed 120 x 200 cm, strips, and special cold foam mattress, bedding, a cupboard near the bed, a three-door wardrobe (Beech combined with a blue door decoration) with a mirror on the middle door, a large desk with mail order, an office chair with casters high back, a wide shelf with retractable hanging file storage (lockable), a small bookcase with shelves, one audio rack, color-TV with distance control, cordless telephone, a desk lamp (fluorescent tube), ceiling light with 6 bulbs (halogen or energy saving lamps), 1 chair (more are needed in "furniture storage" available), drapes, curtains, exterior window shade with a belt winder, window as tilt and turn window, cast stone window sill, outlets for TV, radio, network connection box (2-fold), Wi-Fi in the apartment with excellent radiation, power outlets in sufficient numbers, carpet in anthracite color, white walls in wood-chip, white ceiling, white radiator below the window.

Individual room design is possible in agreement with the landlord.

Check the rental agreement for room 2. Click here.

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