- Access to the Internet (Flat) with regularly more than 16128/800 Kbit/s, a second Internet line with 450/21 Mbit/s    (high-speed) was unlocked in Feb. 2018.
- Phoneflat (free in the German landline - without foreign mobile networks and paid service numbers). Since September 01, 2011, all calls to landlines in 28 European countries including Germany as part of a flat rate for the telephone provider SIPGATE no additional cost can be achieved. Cost of calls to mobile networks and global calls to all other countries will be possible at reasonable prices, recorded and billed separately. We have also discovered another phone provider TELMY, offers the real low-cost prices, particularly abroad also to mobile phones. The use of this provider is possible via the landline in your room as well as your personal mobile phone. If you are interested, ask your landlord.  

Monthly fixed cost per room is 20,00 €.

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