In a house with 6 similar apartments the flat 2 is located on the ground floor left, that is, you have to climb the stairs 6 steps.
It has an area of about 70 m². Behind the door, turn left into the kitchen. next to the kitchen on the left side of the corridor, the room 4 is one of about 13 m² floor area. Next to the room 4 followed separately bathroom and toilet as well as room 5 (11 m²). Behind the flats incomming door the largest room 6 is situated on the right opposite the kitchen. This room has its own covered balcony.

In the beginning of 2012 all the flat was completely renovated and furnished newly. The kitchen is fully epuipped.

In the basement below apartment 1 there are the laundry room, the laundry drying room and a storage room for bicycles.

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