Once the apartment 2 in the base floor in December 2011 is left vacant, it was completely renovated complex to March 2012.

The room has an area of approximately 21.00 m² and is completely furnished. To the room is a covered balcony.

The first tenant after renovation has created her own furniture (wardrobe, bed, couch, shelf). One year later we bought the furmiture. There are also a glass desk with mobile pedestal, a TV, a cordless DECT telephone, high-adjustable office chair on wheels, an LED desk lamp, ceiling lamp (2 circuits, each with 3 halogen bulbs) and a wall lamp (spot). The real parquet floor is protected under the office chair through a transparent floor mat. In addition, drapes and curtains, a junction box for cable TV, radio and a network socket (2-fold) to the local computer network available. Additionally, a telephone junction box to be enabled. The exterior shutters can be operated electrically. Other features: Fixed a major Fenter, a balcony door, cast stone window sill, WLAN (Wi-Fi) throughout the apartment with excellent output power, power outlets in sufficient numbers, parquet floors, walls in wood-chip, white ceiling, white radiator in white the window.

The radiator for the room can be individually controlled, computer controlled with convenient daily and weekly programs. Manual adjustments are possible.

Individual room design in consultation with the owner is possible.

Check the rental agreement for room 6. Click here.

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